Day 13: San Francisco, CA

Today we started off going to Monterey, CA to see the awesome cliffs over the Pacific Ocean. We did not have a ton of time there but it was well worth the stop.

Then we headed to San Francisco and we went to Chinatown and then took the cruise out to Alcatraz.

Tomorrow we head to Oakland to catch an Oakland A’s game and then staying in Sacramento, CA.

IMG_9825 IMG_9828 IMG_9832 IMG_9840 IMG_9849 IMG_9855 IMG_9857 IMG_9883 IMG_9896 IMG_9908 IMG_9914 IMG_9920 IMG_9924 IMG_9927 IMG_9932 _J1A9350 _J1A9364 IMG_9938 IMG_9940 _J1A9384 IMG_9948 IMG_9959 IMG_9963 IMG_9964 IMG_9966 IMG_9967 _J1A9397 IMG_9973 _J1A9402 IMG_9975 _J1A9414 _J1A9430 IMG_9982 _J1A9439

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