Day two road updates

7AM Central

It’s day two an we’re on our way to our first national park, Theodore Roosevelt. With about 7 hours of driving left we’ve settled into what will essentially be an uninterrupted stream of roadside crops with just a splash of civilization, mostly centered around either the trucking or the agricultural industry. Riveting I know, but well worth it for the exceptionally beautiful western third of North Dakota.

The updates will probably be sparse for a while, as there won’t be much to report until inside the park, for which I apologize. To be honest we’re still not sure what we’re really going to be capable of this year in terms of media, it may be blogging, there may be video, it may be mostly social media. In any event, we’ll try and get as much of the trip out to all of you wonderful people as we can, even if slightly delayed. So stay tuned! I promise more to come.

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