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Day two road updates

7AM Central

It’s day two an we’re on our way to our first national park, Theodore Roosevelt. With about 7 hours of driving left we’ve settled into what will essentially be an uninterrupted stream of roadside crops with just a splash of civilization, mostly centered around either the trucking or the agricultural industry. Riveting I know, but well worth it for the exceptionally beautiful western third of North Dakota. Continue reading Day two road updates

The Big Trip!

We’re back! To any and all out there who may still be tuned in, stay that way! More updates coming soon as Myself and my best friend Marco embark on our most ambitious journey yet. Two months of cross country travel, a week on a houseboat, a smattering of concerts and festivals, and all the adventure that entails are right around the corner. So stay with us! It’s gonna be a good year.

Continue reading The Big Trip!