Day 11: Los Angeles

For Day 11, we ventured into LA, which yes the traffic is as bad as people say but it was well worth it to see some of the historic landmarks around the city. We went early to check out Hollywood Blvd. and we saw the Chinese Theatre. Then we drove up the the hills and found a spot to hike up and see the Hollywood Sign.

After spending a little time in Hollywood, we booked it out to the Santa Monica Pier and that was an incredible place to be where they had actual talented street musicians playing and lots of other things to do along with the beach!

Next up we have Yosemite National Park for day 12! Stay tuned for those photos!IMG_9749 IMG_9753 IMG_9755 IMG_9758 _J1A9044 Photo Jul 16, 1 46 18 PM Photo Jul 16, 1 55 49 PM

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