Day 12 Road Updates: 10AM Pacific

8AM Pacific

We’re blazing through Southern California on our way to Yosemite and the Madera Speedway. The sun had just risen over the mountains when we started about an hour ago, so naturally it’s now positioned to annihilate our entire field of vision. The traffic is treacherous, the 6+ lane highways are packed full, but somehow everybody still manages to be breaking the 65mph speed limit. About 15 minutes ago we stopped for the usual McDonald’s breakfast, incredibly clutch for anyone doing this journey, their breakfast is actually the best thing they offer. ¬†Back on track the the Yosemite Valley, we have a long journey through the heart of California ahead of us. More updates to come

10AM Pacific

We’ve made it into the farms of central California, don’t let the picture decieve you, signs of the drought are everywhere. Though you could hardly tell in the mountains of Los Padres, water is most assuredly scarce. Dust obscures the mountains off in the distance, every 100 feet or so there’s a billboard shouting, “BUILD WATER STORAGE NOW”, or “SOLVE THE CRISIS, SAY NO TO CHEESE” (apparently it’s an issue). The orange trees are yellowing, dust devils infrequently assail the road with gusts of dried farm, and all the gas stations are cash only. The California citrus seems to have taken quite a hit, but it’s a case of down not out, the farmers are fighting the drought full force. The one consolation here is that even though the fuel is cash only, price has dropped a full dollar.

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