Day 10: Legoland, CA

On the 10th day of our trip, we decided to fulfill our dreams as kids and visit Legoland, CA. The park, overall, is aiming its market towards kids but the two parts I was overly impressed with were Miniland, USA which featured mini Lego versions of major cities, ie New York, Vegas, San Francisco, etc. I was also impressed with the fact they had the original sets used in the Lego Movie.

It was nice being a kid again for one day but for day 11 we’re headed off to LA!

IMG_9695 IMG_9697 IMG_9699 IMG_9705 IMG_9712 IMG_9713 IMG_9714 IMG_9716 IMG_9717 IMG_9721 IMG_9722 IMG_9723 IMG_9724 IMG_9726 IMG_9728 IMG_9730 IMG_9731 IMG_9732 IMG_9734 IMG_9735 IMG_9737 IMG_9739 IMG_9740 IMG_9744 IMG_9745 IMG_9746 IMG_9747 IMG_9748

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