Day 9 Road Updates: 1PM Pacific

10AM Pacific

We’ve made it through Route 66 and are on our way to Lake Mead. The terrain has changed to something like desert, but the underbrush is still thick and there are no cacti. Slightly disappointing. The heat is back, it’s 90 degrees and rising, and although it’s dry it doesn’t take long to really sink in. There’s not much here, but with Vegas as the light at the end of the tunnel we don’t much care. More updates to come.

12PM Pacific

So I lost about two hours of work due to my phone crashing, I apologize for two hours missing.

To sum it up the Hoover dam had ridiculous security and crowds, not worth the tours, we only stopped long enough to get a picture. We saw multiple people detained, and a few go down to heat stroke. It was definitely cool, but honestly, just drive over it. We’re at lake mead now, it’s 100 degrees, about to check out the beach.
1PM Pacific

Lake Mead was interesting, considering it’s a man made creation. It’s fairly large, but like the Colorado, the strain the Vegas and L.A. are putting on it is quite evident. The water marks along the mountains show just how bad it’s gotten, not a very inspiring sight. The heat is unbearable, it’s hard to believe that earlier this morning in Flagstaff we were actually almost cold. The sun has just obliterated everything around us, everything you touch is close to 100 degrees, the plant life looks like it’s grasping for life, and the people remain somehow calm and collected. We saw families relaxing on the beach of lake mead -which by the way is not a beach, it’s just the low rocky face of a mountain- acting like the fact their tent just got obliterated by a dust devil was a totally normal thing to deal with at the beach. Scary stuff. More updates to come.

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