Day 6: Alburquerque, NM

After Roswell we headed to Alburquerque, NM and it was one of the most stunningly beautiful cities we had be to so far. First we went straight to Sandia Peak and took the tram to the top of the mountain. You can fully read about it in Matt’s post.

Then we went around and checked out the local stores and what not and then checked out the BioPark and saw all of their sharks and other sea life.

Then the next morning we went and checked out the Old Town district.

After checking out Old Town, we headed off to Flagstaff, AZ for two days to see the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest.

IMG_9195 IMG_9201 IMG_9236 IMG_9240 IMG_9247IMG_9257IMG_9262IMG_9265IMG_9267IMG_9268IMG_9269

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