Day 5 Road Updates: 5PM Mountain

8AM Central

After a great night in The Adolphus we’re back on the road, and honestly, a little sad to see Dallas go. The city was amazing, a REAL city, skyscrapers, new developements, beautiful parks, and tons of history. The heat has yet to realy pick up, but that’s sure to change as we head into western Texas and New Mexico. I would post pictures but as we head through the 700 some odd square miles of city that is Dallas/Fortworth, all there is to see is highway.

Tertiary update: They have a GIANT Six Flags smack in the middle of the city. Its weird.

10AM Central

We’ve entered the Texas foothills, which can only mean one thing; the plains are coming. Still, after mild bewilderment at a song about Quidditch coming on Sirius, we stumbled upon “Run to the Hills” and the soundtrack fell right into place.

The prairie grass lining the highways has a rather calming effect on travel, swaying zealously with each passing car, as if to wave us onwards. As I write this the foothills are thining and the weather is absolutely stunning. Not too hot, not too humid, we’re driving down the interstate with the windows open, radio cranked, just the way it should be. To those of you out there who may actually be reading this, we’d like to take this short opportunity to thank you for your interest, and to apologize for the seemingly discontinuous manner in which we’ve been updating. This would be due to tackling a 6-8 hour drive every day thus far, creating quite a strain for time. However, the good news is the big leg is over, and today the trip REALLY starts. Within the next 4 days we’ll hit Roswell, Albuquerque, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, and the Las Vegas. It promises to be quite an amazing leg of the journey, looking forward to chillin with some scorpions and cacti. More updates to come.
12PM Central

As we rocket along Interstate 20, Sinatra blasting from the speakers, bugs exploding on the windshield, the journey through western Texas is shaping up to be cinch. The terrain has changed again, little cacti line parts of the road, and the local variety of road kill seems to have shifted to something like prairie dogs. But the land, the land has opened up into something completely new, and unique to this part of the country. It stretches in low forests and prairies all the way to the horizon, accompanied by the widest sky I’ve ever laid eyes on.

The area is occasionally punctuated by a town or oil rig, but for the most part it lies like a great sheet of green and brown; in that there’s no wanting for farms or cattle in the disruption of the prairie. Both have been a common occurrence, especially as they tend to be closer to the interstate. Quite unexpectedly however we have also seen a great number of wind turbines, and even a wind farm. It’s difficult to describe the effect that the sky has on the horizon, it almost feels imposing. The land is just a sliver, rendered insignificant by this crushing dome of blue. It’s a far cry from heat drenched skyscrapers back east. More updates to come

2PM Central

We’re about 50 miles from the border. What we thought was flat earlier was actually a veritable explosion of texture, compared to this clinically straight landscape. The roads are basically empty, and the horizon is infinite. The prairie has been replaced by and endless string of farmland, and the clouds have sunk to maybe 250 feet above the ground. They just hover there, spaced quite nicely in an even shell that extends for as far as the eye can see. Due to the curvature of the earth this creates an interesting effect right on the horizon line; in which you are surrounded on all sides by a low wall of clouds in the farthest distance, with a carona of blue sky about 45 degrees up then more clouds capping the whole thing off. More updates to come.

5PM Mountain time

Well, we made it to Roswell. After checking in to our motel we headed downtown and saught the local culture: Aliens. The town is famous for the Roswell incident (google it) and it seemingly hasn’t become famous for anything else since. The town is still clinging to its claim to fame, curios shops and local museums dot the streets, which are in a state of eerie disrepair. After exploring for a while the town became somewhat redundant, and we decided to go get food. That being said, as an avid sci fi and x-files enthusiast, coming here is still a pilgrimage.

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