Day 4: Dallas, TX

Today we left Baton Rouge, LA to head towards Dallas, TX. At the last moment we decided to change hotels so that we could stay downtown Dallas. That decision became as a fantastic one where we found a really nice hotel for a great price called Adolphus Hotel. It is currently under renovations but our room seemed all updated!

We then headed a few blocks to check out the location where John F. Kennedy was assassinated and saw the “grassy knoll”.

Then we headed up to Reunion Tower to check out the entire Dallas skyline and you can see the photos below!

Tomorrow we head to Roswell, NM to check out all the tales of alien sightings.  

2 thoughts on “Day 4: Dallas, TX”

  1. We stayed at that same hotel when anna competed there for JO Nationals in high school. We walked to where Kennedy was shot. Just loved the old hotel they even gave us a pillow case with an A on it as a momento. Keep having a great time !

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