Day 4 Road Updates

It’s 9AM central and we’re on our way to Dallas. I would say more but unfortunately western Louisiana has yet to offer up anything of actual interest. Bland roads, bleak skies, and small towns. After an unexpectedly pleasant stay in our Quality Inn last night, we’re at the very least feeling refreshed enough for the tenuous journey ahead. So far the most interesting thing we’ve seen has been our first sighting of an oil rig, and some rather nice swamp. More updates to come.

11AM Central

We’re past Alexandria and on our way to Shreveport, The towns have dissapeared and the low rolling forests of southern Alabama have returned, much to our relief. The forests line the roads for as far as you can see, creating a decisive yet quite pleasing path through the land. This time tomorrow we’ll officially be in the west.
3PM Central

We’re just about a mile out of Dallas, after crossing into Texas around One this afternoon. Whilst checking the maps we made the realization that Dallas/Fortworth together comprise almost 700 square miles of city. City that we would have to cross all of during peak hours tomorrow morning from our hotel in Garland. We then decided to cancel our Garland hotel and snagged a last minute booking at The Adolphus, a 4.5 star hotel with deep historic ties to the city. Apparently it was visited by the british royalty in the 90’s. Anyways, though it’s currently under partial renovation and some of the reviews come across rather mixed, at the very least it will be prime fodder for the blog. Not to mention its dead center in the middle of downtown Dallas. More updates to come.

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