Bottomless Lakes State Park

After exhausting downtown Roswell of its potential, we decided to strike out to a nearby state park: Bottomless Lakes. Though not actually bottomless, the park consists of about 8 huge sink holes ranging from seventeen to over a hundred feet deep. The water is very dark, but not so shaded as to betray it’s unnerving depth, a trait many tourists have been caught off guard by. As you can see, rain was not far off; but the weird thing is, the land is so open you can see the entire storm system from just about anywhere. We literally watched the rain slowly creep across the land, giving us plenty of time to explore the area. Although Andrew was put off by our first Tarantula sighting, we didn’t let it stop us and trudged on to the overlook, which proved to be well worth it as the view was truly spectacular (pictured above). In addition to the lakes, the area played host to a variety of red rock facades and twisting road, making it a welcome detour from the intriguing but altogether unsettling town of Roswell.

   IMG_9153 IMG_9167 IMG_9162 IMG_9158 IMG_9157 IMG_9155

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