Travel Updates Day 21: 3PM Pacific

11AM Pacific:

We’ve left Utah and made it to Vegas. However were not ready to go broke quite yet. We’re driving through the city on our way to Primm, and spending the day out exploring the high desert. The promise of a mojave ghost town has us driving south into the desert, where its already almost one hundred degrees, and rising. The various mountain ranges which border the desert form a great bowl around the sands, which lay flat out to the horizon. A layer of green coats the yellow, a blend of some two thousand unique plant species which call it home. Getting sunburned through the windows. More updates to come.

1PM Pacific: 

It’s a hundred and five degrees right now, where we just came from, the high was one hundred eighteen. We’re just now leaving Cottonwood Cove, which overlooks Lake Mohave, a massive reservoir south of the Hoover Dam. Much to our surprise, it was a fully functioning and very crowded summer beach, complete with a marina, resort, and a fleet of yachts. Along the half mile of so of beach that stretched out from the docks, at least forty tents had been set up, scattered about wherever space was available, wedged together in a strip down the beach. The heat reaching almost one hundred twenty degrees, if you weren’t in the water you had to be in the shade. Not a single person was laying out on the beach, instead, the tents housed chairs and tables, grills and stereos, people just lounging about in a place where the only reason you’re not on fire is because you’re standing in a lake. A continuous barbecue snaked across the beach, some Latin jams were being blasted from a nearby tent as we hiked into the hills for a better view. Quite an interesting beach. More updates to come. 

3PM Pacific:

We found the ghost town. Although it wasn’t so much a ghost town as a ghost garage. In the 1950’s. And also the 1850’s.  A small complex of old wooden barns and saloons, filled with every bit of rusting junk from the last two hundred years. Old cars, gas pumps, enough signs to build the colossus of roads. (Heeeh). Despite it being over a hundred and ten we spent a good hour exploring the town, taking shots of everything we could find. More updates to come.

Side note: It’s a hundred and twenty degrees. Being outside is like staring into an oven. You know, when you open the door and the fans are on, and it just blasts you mercilessly with blistering air, it’s like that everywhere you go. 

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