Travel Updates Day 14: 3PM Mountain

12PM Mountain:

So we’ve made it to the Great Salt Lake. Honestly, if you go there, don’t get out of the car. Just look at it, enjoy it’s uniqueness and majesty safely from afar, and then continue on your way. If you’re the daring variety, as soon as you inevitably do exit your vehicle, you’ll notice the smell. It smells like sewage. Mainly because the Farmington Bay Area is actually dumping treated sewage into it… So it’s not entirely surprising. It is however, entirely disgusting. It’s a shame too, the lake which I learned is locally refered to as “Lake Stink”, normally would smell something like the ocean.

That is however only the first of your many worries when visiting the Great Salt Lake. The biggest of these worries, is the Brine Fly. They have an estimated population of over one hundred billion, and they literally form a semi-solid layer of insect for about half a foot over the shore. While they aren’t really interested in people, the act of walking through a hundred billion flies is, shockingly, a little gross. Couple that with ninety degree heat and the smell and you have the Great Salt Lake. That being said, it’s a really cool place. The history is fascinating, a lake this size in the Great Basin is just awesome, and I imagine swimming in it would be pretty neat too, though I would never recommend it. Visiting it, I would say go for it. If you’re looking for a beach to enjoy though, stop because you’re in the wrong part of the country. More updates to come.
3PM Mountain:

It turns out, Salt Lake City isn’t actually that interesting. It’s not particularly big, nor particularly dense. Just really hot and relatively confusing. We’re currently off to see the various Mormon temples and such, as it’s the most notable thing about the city for sure. In 2002 the city hosted the Winter Olympics, which basically put it on the map. Ever since it’s sort of just been here, not doing much of anything in particular. The mountain backdrop is nice, but it’s not enough to make this a must see destination. The team that runs through the city is also pretty cool, but it also feels rather hazardous. It books it through the city, and a lot of the turn lanes end up taking you into the tracks. More updates to come.

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