Travel Updates Day 12: 11AM Pacific

11AM Pacific:

The sky’s are clear and the sun is out as we start our journey west towards the deserts and canyons of Utah. First however, we’re seeing out Washington in style, visiting both Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Rainier as we leave for Boise. With a savage 12 hours of road to cover, the day promises to be a long one, but it’s become second nature by this point. Plus the prospect of seeing a Volcano makes everything worth it. After the peaks of the Olypmic Mountains, we’re keen to see how the free standing stratovolcanos stack up to the ranges found elsewhere in the state. Service is a tentative possibility out here, and more likely than not we’ll lose it as we travel back into the mountains for the last time until we double back and hit then Sierras. Stay tuned for a Volcano updates as we bust out this leg of the journey.

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