Travel Updates

Welcome everyone, it’s finally upon us, the West Coast Adventure: Redux. As we set out towards Minneapolis I’d like to take a minute to explain our new feature: Travel Updates. Last year one of our primary features was road updates, however this year we will have many days without actual road travel, and therefore had to come up with a new system. Introducing, the Travel Update. Sounds fancy I know, but really it’s jut your all inclusive ticket to semi-live updates across the entire trip. Be it road, rail, or foot, you can expect consistent time stamped updates under this new monicker. Keep checking the updates throughout the day, as each post will be edited to include the latest update, rather than each getting a new post. This way clutter is reduced and each day has a single travel update page, the title of which will reflect the latest post. That’s all for now, but expect a veritable torrent of content in the hours, days, and weeks to come. See you all very soon.

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