Introduction to West Coast Redux

The world. It’s our home, our backyard, our playground, and our benefactor, all rolled into one. Some people live their lives taking it at face value, walking through life without much regard for the mysteries and majesty our planet holds, cradled in it’s many countries and provinces. A mistake if there ever was one. There’s more to see out there than could ever be accomplished in a single lifetime, but that certainly isn’t going to stop us from trying. 

Last year, the two of us traveled from Michigan to New Orleans, from there to Las Vegas, from Vegas to Los Angeles, and then to Seattle and all the way back across the northern United States, home to Ann Arbor. We called a 2009 Ford Focus our home over the course of 25 days. We saw 14 total National Parks, Monuments, and forests, and stayed in some of the biggest and brightest cities the U.S. had to offer, as well as visiting a plethora of other amazing sites and scenes. This year, we’re doing it again, but even bigger. 

It was an unbelievable trip but we knew we could top it with a little more planning and a little more mapping. We set out this past March to lock down a schedule that would get the very most of what the west, and its coast, have to offer.

We set up this plan to go from July 3 to Aug. 3 that covers 18 states, two countries, two provinces and at least 13 Nationals Parks. Here is the main route:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.25.15 PM


Our goal is to really experience and embrace the nature and cultures of these places and see the best of the best in each place. We’ll experience something new almost everyday, often times with scenery changes as drastic and dichotomous as Zion to Las Vegas, but after a week of camping in the desert, the strip should bring a welcome reprieve.

We’re prepped and ready for multiple days of heavy hiking, camping and exploring like we’ve never done before.

We’re planning lots of content for all the links below:




So follow, like, subscribe and see our adventure unfold!

              -Andrew Mascharka & Matt Malan


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