Day 18 Road Updates: 2PM Central

10AM Pacific

The journey back east has begun, the I-90 will be taking us over 400 miles to Missoula Montana through the forests of Washington. Our route takes us past Mt. Rainer and through the mountains, across the tip of Idaho then into the Lolo National Forest just outside Missoula. The first hints of the Rockies have begun to show up in the form of massive  forested waves of land, framing the sky in a washed out shade of green. This leg of the journey is the start of our shift backwards into Eastern time, we lose our first hour after exiting Idaho. More updates to come.

2PM Central

Eastern Washington is not at all what I had imagined. As soon as you come down out of the mountains surrounding the Seatle area, the terrain levels out and you’re back in Arizona. Canyons, low brush, dust devils even. Very unexpected. However the mountains are returning as we’ve just now crossed into Idaho, 2nd state of the day. Just tried and failed to find a potato emoticon. More updates to come.

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