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Travel Updates Day 13: 12PM Mountain

11AM Mountain:

After a grueling drive last night, we made it into Boise with about five minutes to spare. Updates and posts for the days Volcanos should be up tonight. We’re now on our way to Salt Lake City, wasting no time in Idaho. Finally the mountains have given way to something that, is still basically mountains. However instead of the jagged peaks of the Rockies or the massive volcanos of the Cascades, we now face a never ending stream of smaller, almost yellow foothills. Plains of wispy sunbaked grass cover the landscape, while the ‘mountains’ look like someone poured then out of a bucket. They’re low and swooping, with feelers that streak out every few hundred feet. More updates to come.
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Travel Updates Day 5: 9AM Mountain

9AM Mountain:

We’re on our way into Glacier National on what promises to be an amazing day. Our road updates may get a little iffy for the next few days, as in a few hours we will lose service in the mountains, followed by our enterance into Canada where we will rely entirely on wifi, but don’t quit on us yet, full day updates will still keep pouring in, so check back each day to see the Calgary stampede, the most amazing parts of the Rocky Mountain chain, and much much more.

Right now we’re meandering through the Rockies, and it’s absolutely spectacular. The mountains have gone from just scraping the clouds to becoming totally obscured by them, only their bottom halves hinting at the massive heaps of earth hidden in the sky above. Crystal clear lakes line the road to the south, evidence of the receding glaciers that sculpted the land thousands of years ago, their massive recesses now filled with pristine water, snow melt from the violent winters that plague the area. Mountains can be seen in 360 degrees, some just a stones throw away, others only visible in the form of silhouettes, framing the sky from a distance. Gigantic pine forests completely cover most of the land, mountains included, creating a pleasant gradient of green that shifts with the land as it rises and falls. Civilization has all but ceased, only a few houses remain, and I’m sure cell service is soon to follow suit before too long. Hopefully more updates to come, but if not, check back tonight for a Calgary update and the Glacier Natiobal write up.

Update: Why some posts are missing

Just in case anyone is wondering, (or if you’ve even noticed) there are a few posts missing from the blog, such as Albuquerque and Flagstaff. This is because our wifi in the past few hotels has been absolute garbage. I’m able to post road updates and posts from my phone, but we haven’t been so lucky with the laptop, and uploading has become a real hassle. We’ll try and fill in the gaps as best as possible, we apologize for any discontinuity. Thanks for reading! We hope you’re at least mildly intrigued by our journey.