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Day 5: Roswell, NM

Today we left Dallas and headed straight to Roswell, NM. You can read about our travel terrain on Matt’s earlier post but anyways we made it to Roswell in about 7 hours and were instantly surrounded by alien propaganda. We went to a small gift store and then the UFO Museum which was filled with historical “sightings” and what not.

After we left the downtown area, we headed to Bottomless Lakes State Park, which you can read on Matt’s last post.

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Day 4: Dallas, TX

Today we left Baton Rouge, LA to head towards Dallas, TX. At the last moment we decided to change hotels so that we could stay downtown Dallas. That decision became as a fantastic one where we found a really nice hotel for a great price called Adolphus Hotel. It is currently under renovations but our room seemed all updated!

We then headed a few blocks to check out the location where John F. Kennedy was assassinated and saw the “grassy knoll”.

Then we headed up to Reunion Tower to check out the entire Dallas skyline and you can see the photos below!

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Day 3: New Orleans, LA

Today we embarked to New Orleans, LA to check out the French Quarter. On the way, we drive through Mississippi along the coast and found a really cool city called Biloxi which featured tons of beaches and other cool tourist traps.

Finally we arrived in New Orleans and it was summed up in what most could expect with Jazz, Voodoo and homelessness and the architecture of the city was phenomenal.

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Day 2: Mobile, Al

Day two of our trip had us headed to Mobile, Alabama so I can see my aunt and grandma and we started out by going to find some gators and then a stop at Battleship Memorial Park to see the USS Alabama and it just so happened that Nicholas Cage was filming his new movie “USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage” in Mobile. We were able to see him in action along with Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan) and Matt Lanter (90210) and the scene we recorded is attached at the bottom.

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