Travel Updates Day 26: 4PM Pacific

After exploring the Monterey Bay Area and aquarium, we’re headed off towards Highway One. It should prove to be an interesting journey to say the least, as a large portion of Big Sur is currently on fire. Though the park is closed, the road remains open, and hopefully we can find some sections of the coast still worth exploring. The smoke from the fire appears to be blowing east at the moment, meaning we may have a clear view of the coast and the ocean, but that could change any minute. Enormous clouds hang in the sky, at least they appear to be clouds, until you get close enough to really see them. They have an odd hue, almost orange and tan, because they’re not really clouds. It’s smoke from the fire, rising miles into the sky as it drifts away from the blaze. As we get closer everything is bathed in a soft orange glow, it’s rather unsettling actually. More updates to come.

4PM Pacific:

We’ve passed the fire in Big Sur, and are now headed towards the fire in Los Padres. Highway one is covered completely in the densest fog I’ve ever encountered. With smoke from the fire coming from the east, and a gigantic fog bank coming in from the west, for the most part all that was visible was the road, and about fifty feet on either side. Looking out over the ledges of cliffs to see nothing but a solid sheet of white, it’s almost disorienting. You know the ocean is out there somewhere, but as to how far down or out, it’s anyone’s guess. Occasionally you’ll pass over a bridge or round a bend which affords some view of the coast below, dozens of cars jammed into the pull outs wherever a speck of view was available. As of now we’re heading towards Thousand Oaks, an area also surrounded by fire, it’s seems our luck with weather last year has come back with a vengeance. More updates to come.

Side note: Found Elephant Seals.

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