Travel Updates Day 25: 6PM Pacific

6AM Pacific:

We’re just now leaving Vegas, after three days of actual vacation we somehow managed to squeeze into our trip. It’s already closing on a hundred degrees, the temperature never drops too far below it. The haze from the Californian forest fires is dying down, and the mountains have finally made themselves apparent on the horizon. It promises to be a long day as we head towards Monterey, normally not a terrible drive, except we’re going through Yosemite on our journey west. More updates to come.

6PM Pacific:

We’ve made it through Yosemite and were on the way into Monterey. After a successful hike to the base of Half Dome, we made a stop by the tunnel view before continuing on towards the California coast. Currently we’re blasting down the road leading south out of the park, the death defying grades, hairpin turns, and gargantuan sheer drops that had us so rattled last year are like old friends, the road welcoming us back after a whole year. Flying through the undergrowth of the valley, the road winds with a staggering ferocity, as if determined to shake the cars from its surface. I guess we must tickle or something. Though the haze from the fires to our south is still very prevalent, it’s taken on a new quality in the evening light. So thick is this smog, that every valley is crisscrossed with gigantic beams of light, cutting through the grey haze to hit the mountains with a soft golden reception. 

Side note: About to complete the burger trifecta. In-n-out, shake shack, five guys. Back to back to back. It’s a proud moment.

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