Day 2 Travel Updates: 4PM Central

8AM Central:

We’ve left the hotel and headed back into the city, which is completely and utterly devoid of life. The only people on the street are a multitude of surprisingly flashily dressed bums, and in an effort to avoid this we decided on taking the skyways; a maze of raised tunnels connecting the matrix of skyscrapers throughout the downtown area, mostly to avoid the bitter cold that winter in Minnesota brings. Despite it being the 4th of July, no festivities seem to be taking place, in fact nothing seems to be happening at all. Just as well for us, the city has become a veritable playground of potential photos. More updates to come.

10AM Central:

We’ve left the city and are headed to Fargo, our second destination. Minneapolis was unfortunately a bust, a complete ghost town during the holiday. Everything was completely shut down, the skyway, the observation decks, everything. Not incredibly surprising, we knew these first few days would be rough, but it was disappointing nonetheless. Content may still be sparse yet for a few days to come, but I encourage any of you reading to maintain hope. In a couple days when we reach Glacier National and Calgary, it should be a much more interesting experience on both ends. More updates to come.


4PM Central:

We’ve made it into Fargo, a small town just across the border into North Dakota. It seems to mostly revolve around farming and any industries related therein, although we did also see a Budweiser factory so there’s that. Our first order of business is to find the hotel and set up shop, making the most of the available wifi, a crucial resource in these data-sparse environments. Thanks to some help from back home, we’ve located fireworks taking place this evening, and a variety of other oddities to be found throughout the town and surrounding area. Though, keeping in tradition with our previous trip, after busting out a Minneapolis post and watching an hour or so of whatever currently passes for cable television in America, it’s likely we’ll end up sampling the local variety of shopping mall. More updates to come.

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