Final day: 7:30PM Eastern


6:30AM Central

It’s the final day of the journey. 24 days ago we departed from Ann Arbor on an epic road trip around the country. Many doubted we could do it in the time allotted, even the counter girl at REI didn’t have faith. Today we prove them all wrong. The sun is doing its very best to blind us irreparably as we cruise along the interstate towards Madison Wisconsin. The light is bouncing smoothly off the Mississippi, and the tops of the trees are emitting a gentle glow. A2 is calling our name, and though it’s quite sad to be leaving the road, we’re both ready to be back at least in some capacity. More updates to come.

7:30PM Eastern

To any and everyone who followed along with us through our trip across the country, thank you, your support and general interest have been a beacon throughout the long journeys. A few more posts are forthcoming, summaries, galleries, and an epilogue, but the day to day updates are over, as we’ve finally completed our epic adventure, 24 days later. Thank you again, and safe travels. Signing off.

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