Day 20 Road Updates: 3PM Central

10AM Central

After a crushing defeat at Yellowstone (our camp site got double booked and we ended up on the road, skipping 99% of the park to go find a hotel), we’re back on I90 and headed towards Devils tower. For those who haven’t seen close encounters of the third kind, go watch it right now then come back and tell me you aren’t hyped to see the tower too. Though basic in its form, it holds almost as much significance for sci fi fans as Roswell does. The terrain so far has been, well, fairly bleak. Lots of grass and low mountains, trees here and there, and a surprising amount of bikers. Almost feel like Texas again. More updates to come.

11AM Central

We’re making good time across what is essentially Texas. We’ve seen nothing but white people on the unfortunate end of the scale, grassland, and cows that are seemingly unperturbed by their lack luster environment. The sky sits across the land like a large pale dome, the clouds are way off in the distance over the mountains; effectively extending the horizon past what you can see, and into what you can imagine. The 50’s music is back, as we rock out to PT 109, making the most of the ‘generous’ speed limits and long open road. An intriguing mix of roller coaster-esque drops and straight always fit for nascar, the city planners in Montana appear to have had a difficult time deciding exactly how the road should lay across the land. This has resulted in a camel (A horse designed by a committee). Still, it makes for some interesting driving. More updates to come.

3PM Central

Not quite as flat as Texas, but certainly a plains state. Everything you can see is farmland. The fences run right up to the edge of the highway, and cows are a frequent occurrence. Typically though they just chill, relaxedly chewing as they gaze ponderously out at the passing cars. I’ve yet to see anyone or anything pass as extraordinary since we’ve crossed into Wyoming. We’re only a few minutes away from Devils Tower now, I can practically hear the aliens.

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