Day 6 Road Updates 4PM Mountain

8AM Mountain Time

We awoke to the sound of pounding rain, as the storm we saw yesterday finally caught up with us. After noticing two shirtless hillbillies drinking beers essentially outside our door, we decided now was as good a time as any to leave this Alien environment (haaa) and head to Albuquerque. Currently were searching for a McDonald’s so we can cop some pancakes, however our search has been less than fruitful, there’s literally nothing out here.

We’ve seen our first mountains way off in the distance, quite a sight, though it would be better if we could escape the seemingly pervasive rain. At least the overcast skies will make it easier to take photos. More updates to come.
We’re in the mountains, low as the may be. It’s weird, the slopes are very low, but when you look at the horizon you can clearly see it drops off for hundreds of very gradual feet. We opened the windows on a whim and we’re slapped straight in the face with 30 degree winds. Turns out the mountains are cold.

10AM Mountain time

We’re about 30 minutes out of Albuquerque, and we’ve finally re entered civilization. The mountains are spectacular, and we’re headed right into them. After a long stretch in Texas, the only state that DOESN’T offer Dairy Queen’s 5$ lunch, were hunting down a DQ asap. Our first stop is a tram that will take us high into the mountains surrounding the city. The view should prove to be absolutely amazing. The area is an interesting mix of phenomenal scenery and sporadic urban outcroppings, though it seems to be shifting quickly towards a proper city. The weather is unbelievable. It’s 65 degrees with a nice cool breeze blowing down from the hills, the air is fresh and clear, and oh my god. As I’m writing this we just went over a hill and the Sandia Crest came into view. It’s all that stands between us and Albuquerque, and it just so happens to be our first destination. It’s really something, it slopes away from us like a great wave of earth frozen in time, just before crashing down onto the city. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

4PM Mountain Time

After descending from Sandia Crest (it’s going to get its own dedicated post tonight, don’t worry) we located a DQ and smashed on some 5 buck lunch. The storm we saw earlier has rolled in and looks ready to drop its pay load any second. As such we’ve decided to hit the old quarter in the morning, and are currently headed to the Biological Center to get some dope shark selfies. Here’s a sneak peak of Sandia though. More updates to come.

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