Day two: Live road updates

9AM Central time:

After a night at the Hyatt in Brentwood, we’re back on the road and headed through Alabama to the town of Mobile. The morning’s expected deluge missed us, and the weather couldn’t be better for these roads.

Our waiter in downtown Nashville last night warned us of a long and boring drive along Interstate 65, he obviously hasn’t been to Ohio. The road feels as though it was simply dropped onto the terrain, allowing you the privilege of spectacular peak views followed by winding plummets back into the forests below. We’ve already had to double back once due to the perturbing lack of an on ramp after a stop for gas; but given the state of the road, it was almost welcomed.

5PM Central

We just arrived in Daphne, a small town across the bay from Mobile where we’ll spend the night. The heat has subsided as the evening progresses, but the humidity is still going strong. We’re headed into town for dinner, but had to stop first to see a southern staple.

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