Welcome to the inaugural post of the 2015 West Coast Adventure. Though bare bones at the moment, within the following weeks the site will be flooded with high quality photos and videos, courtesy of Andrew Mascharka, and colorful detailing of the adventure courtesy of myself (Matt Malan). We invite you to join us as we travel through some of the most breathtakingly spectacular terrain known to exist, as well as a plethora of America’s greatest cities, landmarks, and general oddities.

In just 30 short days we will travel from our home base of Ann Arbor, Michigan, down to Louisiana, across the great plains to New Mexico, up through the mountains to the California coast, then along the northern border back home. The journey promises to be a good one, fraught with danger (bees, bears and texans), unbearable heat, and Subway (eat fresh yo).

So please, try and contain your undoubtedly overflowing excitement, we promise there will be much more to come.

~Matt Malan

Travel Map

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